State Championship Men

The Knox Raiders State Champ Men came up against the Werribee Devils this week coming out strong in the 4thquarter in a close game to get the win 75-71. Chris Kaba from the Knox Raiders was the leading scorer for the game with 25pts, 11rbds and 2stls. Also shooting at an impressive 66% form the 3 point line and 100% from the free throw line. Durrell McDonald also had a strong 15pts, 8rbds and 4asts to help the Raiders over the line. Bryan Nagy (19pts, 10rbds, 3asts) and Deng Chan (19pts, 12rbds, 3asts) were both standouts for the devils.

This brings the men to an even win/loss record of 4-4 and 8thon the ladder.

State Championship Women

After having the last weekend off the Knox Raiders State Champ Women came out strong to get a 77-59 win over the Eltham Wildcats. The Raiders showed their depth with 4 players in double figures for the game. Guards Emily Fisher (14pts, 5rbds, 5asts) and Georgia Stirton (13pts, 2rbds, 1ast) led the scoring for the Knox Raiders with Georgia shooting at a remarkable 100% from the field. Alice Kunek had game high 29 points for the Wildcats but the Raiders wide range depth as a team proved to be unstoppable.

This brings the women to 8 wins and only 1 loss for the season so far. The women are currently sitting a close second on the ladder just below the Waverly Falcons.

Victorian Youth Championship Men

The Knox Raiders Youth Men got the win against the Bulleen Boomers 94-74 after coming off a tough loss last weekend. The Raiders had two very strong performances from Ethan Woodward (28pts, 3rbds, 1ast) and Corey Fiddes (22pts, 8rbs, 1ast). As a team the raiders shot at 48% for the game with 5 players in double figures. Harry Fayle (21pts, 4rbs, 3asts) was the leading scorer for the Bulleen Boomers.

The Raiders are sitting on top of the Terrill ladder with 8 wins and 4 loses.

Victorian Youth Championship Women

The Knox Raiders Youth Women came out with a well needed win this week 80-72 against the Diamond Valley Eagles. The Raiders had an outstanding performance from Eliana Bravington with 32 points and 17 rebounds. Maighan Hedge (16pts, 5rbds, 6asts) and Althea Angeles (10pts, 3rbds, 2asts) were also strong performers for Knox. Mikayla Peterson (24pts, 4rbds, 2asts) was a standout for the Eagles.

This leaves the women sitting 5thon the ladder for the Terrill pool with 6 wins and 5 losses.