State Championship Men

The Knox Raiders State Champ Men had a big weekend with a double header. First up versing the Eltham Wildcats in a close game, coming out with the win 76-73. Chris Kaba (21pts, 13rbds) and Dylan Hare (20pts, 3rbds, 3asts, 4stls) were both vital in the Raiders win. Chris Cameron (17pts, 3rbds, 3asts) was strong for the Wildcats but the Raiders offensive game allowed them to get 22 more shot opportunities up from the field then the wildcats did, being the difference in such a close game. The Raiders backed it up again the next day at home with a win against the Corio Stingrays 91-82. Knox has an impressive 15 steals for the game compared 5 for the Stingrays. Also, causing the opposition to have 22 turnovers as a team, showing the strong impact of the Raiders defensive ability. Chris Kaba (22pts, 6rbds) and Taylor Dyson (16pts, 3rbds, 2stls) both stepped up for the Raiders.

This puts the men in 4thplace in the ladder, with 7 wins and 4 losses for the season so far.

State Championship Women

The Knox Raiders State Women had a big game with top of the ladder clash against the Waverly Falcons, the only team they had lost to in the season so far. However, this time the Raiders had their full squad with Bec Ott back from injury and the addition of WNBL player Carly Mijovic. The game was very intense, both teams fighting for the top spot on the ladder with the Knox Raiders coming out with the win 73-66. Bec Ott (15pts, 6rbds, 2asts) and Carly Mijovic (16pts, 7rbds) were outstanding performers. The Raiders rebounding ability proved to be vital in their win getting 44 total rebounds as a team compared to Waverley’s 33.

The Women now sit 1ston the ladder, with 9 wins and only 1 loss for the season.

Victorian Youth Championship Men

The Youth Champ Men lost this week 95-74 to the Eltham Wildcats. Malik Meunier (13pts, 3rbds, 1ast) and Ethan Woodward (13pts, 4rbds, 1ast) were the leading scorers for the Raiders. However, the Wildcats Mark Scherf proved to be too strong with a massive 31 points for the game. Despite the loss, the Raiders shot very well from the free throw line with 5 players shooting at 100%.

The Youth men now sit 2ndon the Terrill pool ladder, with 8 wins and 5 losses for the season.

Victorian Youth Championship Women

The Youth Champ Women had a massive win this week against Bulleen 86-46. The Raiders only beat the Boomers previously by 5 points in the first round of the season, showing the Raiders improvement and strength as a team so far. With 4 players in double figures for the game Knox proved too hard to guard. Additionally, shooting at 100% from the free throw line as a team. Also, showing their improved defensive game the Knox women had 19 steals, causing the Boomers to have 30 turnovers. Maighan Hedge (25pts, 4rbds, 3asts) and Eliana Bravington (21pts, 19rbds) were the leading scorers for the game.

The Youth women continue to sit 5thon the Terrill pool ladder, with 7 wins and 5 losses for the season.