Mary Merton


Belgrave South Red Devils

How long have you been coaching?

3 years

Team you coach this season?

U8/A girls

Why do you coach and what do you love about it?

I’m a big believer in coaches being a positive and encouraging force within the team. I enjoy in equal shares the competitive aspects as well as the pure joy of the kids enjoying and excelling in their sport. It’s so satisfying seeing all the hard work that’s put in over the course of a season come together in the form of a hard working, talented, group of kids having a tonne of fun while working together as a team.

Favourite Coaching Memory?

Winter Season 2019 Grand Final. My under 14 girls were playing against the top team that we’d only managed to beat once during the season. The girls hit the court and took an early lead and held a one or two point lead right up until the last 30 seconds of the second half. Foul. Timeout. Pep talk. Hands in team. I held my breath until I burst onto the court on the siren as a wild 3 point shot won us the game!! Unbelievable! It was straight out of a movie!

What do you say to your team the most while coaching?

You’re a TEAM. The team NEEDS you and you NEED the team. Remember what we did at training!!?? It’s not over until the siren screams! You’re all SUPERSTARS! You’ve got this! HANDS IN!