Sarah Casey


South East Eagles

How long have you been coaching?

5 years

Team you coach this season?

U14/D Boys and U16/B Boys

Why do you coach and what do you love about it?

I coach because I want to help kids continue their passion of playing basketball, no matter if it’s to further develop their skills or just to be a part of a team and make friends. I love being able to help in what ever way they need me to.

Favourite Coaching Memory?

My first time coaching under 8s (girls) and we had gotten halfway through the season with almost everyone scoring except for one girl. So for the rest of the season all the girls worked together to try and get this girl to score, mind you she was like five years old. It was great to see the girls working as a team for when she finally got a goal everyone was cheering, the girls in our team and all the parents as well, it was just a great site to see.

What do you say to your team the most while coaching?

You’ve got to work smart not hard.