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Welcome to the Knox Basketball Coaches Club.

Here we will assist all coaches at both domestic and representative levels by providing access to drills, resources, courses and more materials that will assist in your development as a coach.

We recommend that you regularly visit this page to improve your coaching and stay up to date with all the latest coaching drills and techniques that you can use in your program(s).

If you require further information or would like to submit coaching material to share with other coaches please feel free to contact our Basketball Development Manager Matt Shanahan at any time on matt.shanahan@knoxbasketball.com.au

Congratulations on putting your hand up to be a coach. This experience can be one of the most rewarding and challenging for you.

Regardless if you are a seasoned coach or a newbie, if you are open to embracing change, you can always learn something new or pick up different coaching methods that you can integrate into your current style to assist your players and take your team to the next level.

When coaching a domestic team, you have limited time with your players each week, sometimes the results might not come straight away. I strongly recommend you develop the fundamentals of each and every player first. Don’t be too concerned with developing an offensive structure, especially for teams competing in Under 12’s or younger. Try to keep things as simple as possible for your players. Don’t over-complicate things.

Basketball is the most over coached sport in the world. So let’s simplify it and make it about your players learning the fundamentals of the game in a good, positive and fun environment.

This winter season you will be provided with weekly training plans which I have designed for use with my own daughter’s U10s team. You will see that each training plan can easily be adapted for both boys and girls, along with having the flexibility to be simplified or extended for younger or older age groups. This will be in addition to discussing a weekly topic focus to assist with any issues that you may be faced with throughout the season.

I encourage you to send me any requests or questions you may have to Opens window for sending emailmatt.shanahan@knoxbasketball.com.au in order for me to address them each week.

I’m looking forward to working together this season.

Good luck,
Matt Shanahan

Introduction To Coaching

Ball Handling Drills

Below is a list of ball handling drills designed to improve your players skills.

Conditioning Drills

Below is a list of high intensity basketball drills which should have your athletes not only improving their basketball fundamentals but also working their fitness, strength, speed and agility.

Defensive Drills

Please find below a list of individual and team defensive drills.

Footwork Drills

Below is a list of footwork drills designed to improve your players cutting, pivoting and other fundamental skills.

Post Play Drills Rebounding Drills

Below is a list of drills designed to improve your post play.

Shooting Drills

Below is a list of individual and team shooting drills designed to teach correct technique in everything from your shooting preparation to shot release.

Transition Drills

Below is a list of transition drills designed to improve your teams fast break skill set.

For Ages 12 & Under

Below are drills recommended for ages 12 and under for all levels of basketball.

There are currently no courses planned. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for any upcoming sessions.

If you would like Matt Shanahan to facilitate a coaches session specifically for your club’s domestic club coaches, please email matt.shanahan@knoxbasketball.com.au.