Knox Basketball is incredibly excited to announce that we have a return date set for Junior Domestic. Please note that all indication is we will be able to re-open the stadium from Monday June 22, however Basketball Victoria is still waiting on State Government confirmation.

On the 25th and 26th of July the 2020 Knox Basketball Junior Domestic Winter Season will begin and run through until the 12th and 13th of December. The 2021 Summer Season will then begin in late January.

Unfortunately, this means that the 2020 Summer Season remains unfinished. Given the length of the COVID-19 enforced break, it became unfeasible to resume the past season for a number of reasons. Multiple options were discussed, and this option was settled on as the best course of action to ensure kids are able to play as many games as possible from now until the end of the year.

With a return to basketball in these times, there’s a number of procedures we need to undertake. Before entering a basketball stadium, we ask that all Knox Basketball families read the below document and become familiar with the processes.


We can’t wait to see everyone back in action on the floor! Your clubs will be in contact with you moving forward to discuss trainings and the coming season.

2020 Winter Season Structure

25-Jul Round 1 of 2020W
26-Jul Round 1 of 2020W
1-Aug Round 2 of 2020W
2-Aug Round 2 of 2020W
8-Aug Round 3 of 2020W
9-Aug Round 3 of 2020W
15-Aug Round 4 of 2020W
16-Aug Round 4 of 2020W
22-Aug Round 5 of 2020W
23-Aug Round 5 of 2020W
29-Aug Round 6 of 2020W
30-Aug Round 6 of 2020W
5-Sep Round 7 of 2020W
6-Sep Round 7 of 2020W
12-Sep Round 8 of 2020W
13-Sep Round 8 of 2020W
19-Sep Round 9 of 2020W
20-Sep Round 9 of 2020W
26-Sep School Holidays
27-Sep School Holidays
3-Oct Round 10 of 2020W
4-Oct Round 10 of 2020W
10-Oct Round 11 of 2020W
11-Oct Round 11 of 2020W
17-Oct Round 12 of 2020W
18-Oct Round 12 of 2020W
24-Oct Tentative AFL GF
25-Oct Tentative AFL GF
31-Oct Melbourne Cup
1-Nov Melbourne Cup
7-Nov Round 13 of 2020W
8-Nov Round 13 of 2020W
14-Nov Round 14 of 2020W
15-Nov Round 14 of 2020W
21-Nov Round 15 of 2020W
22-Nov Round 15 of 2020W
28-Nov Semi-Finals
29-Nov Semi-Finals
5-Dec Preliminary Finals
6-Dec Preliminary Finals
12-Dec Grand Finals
13-Dec Grand Finals