Nominations for the 2020 KBI Board Director positions ended at 11:59pm on 8th June 2020, with the following single nominations received:

  • Vice Chairperson – Mitchell Nevin
  • Finance Director – Simon McMahon
  • Secretary – Toni Rennie
  • Chairperson of the Junior Domestic Competition – Peter Cameron
  • Chairperson of the Senior Raiders Representative Program – Damien Morris

KBI is pleased to confirm according to our Constitution, all the above have been duly elected.

KBI received two (2) nominations for Chairperson of the Junior Representative Program as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Chairperson of the Junior Raiders Representative Program – Dennis Atacador
  • Chairperson of the Junior Raiders Representative Program – Drey Baldwin

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Knox Basketball Board Elections were held online in 2020 and we engaged Vero Voting, an industry experienced external party, to facilitate this year’s process. Voting opened at 5pm on Tuesday 16th June and closed 5pm on the 23rd of June 2020.

Thank you to both nominees for their high-quality videos and outstanding biographies. The following result was confirmed by Vero at 5:15pm on 23rd June 2020.

Chairperson Knox Junior Raiders

Dennis Atacador: 404 Votes

Drey Baldwin: 306 Votes

The newly elected Chairperson of the Junior Raiders Representative Program and KBI Board member is Dennis Atacador.

In addition to Board Elections, Vero included the vote for Life Membership for Roslyn Aumann as nominated at the May 26th, 2020 AGM. Vero have confirmed the motion carried with 107 votes in favour.

Roslyn Aumann is hereby awarded Life membership with Knox Basketball Inc.

KBI wishes to thank all our delegates and members for supporting KBI throughout the COVID-19 period and taking part in our online AGM election for 2020.

More about the newly elected:

Dennis Atacador – Chairperson of the Junior Representative Program

Dennis Atacador is the current General Manager Strategy & Business Development at Linfox Armaguard Group. Prior to Linfox Armaguard Group, Dennis held senior executive roles in diverse industries such as logistics, security, information technology and management consulting.

He is married with three children, Jordan, Luke and Mia, with Luke a current Wasps player and bottom age U14 Raiders representative.

Simon McMahon – Finance Director

Simon McMahon is a strong business development professional with a Masters of Practising Accounting (M. Prac Acc) focused in Accounting and Business/Management from Monash University; a CPA for 20 years, and has multi-industry experience; building, strengthening and leading public and private companies across all corporate finance, accounting, treasury and MIS functions.
He brings a strong background in M&A and capital raising track record (public and private equity, mezzanine funds, public and private debt, bank debt). He has well-developed investor relations and communications skills with a reputation for accuracy, credibility and integrity.

Simon has broad business experience as Group Treasury Manager for Coles Myer Group; the original Chief Executive Officer of Stockwell Holdings; founding Partner of Avantcé LLC in Naples, Florida; Executive Director of the Meydan Group in EMEA; and more recently as the Founder and Executive Director of the Araveco Group.

Toni Rennie – Secretary

Toni Rennie may be a familiar name and face to many, having held the position of Business and Community Development Manager at Knox Basketball from 2016 through to 2019.

She is currently a Project Manager at Debitsuccess, one of the largest full service direct debit initiators in Australasia. 

Toni has two children, Connor and Ollie, who both play for the South East Eagles in Knox Basketball’s Junior Domestic Competition.

Knox Basketball will be releasing more information on your new Board Members in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out!