Basketball Victoria has been working very closely with many national and state sporting bodies and governments about what our return to sport plan would look like once restrictions were lifted.  Those discussions have been with the Australian Institute of Sport, the Victorian State Government, the respective Sports Ministers and Sports Recreation Victoria.

As you may have seen recently, the Premier of Victoria; The Hon Daniel Andrews announced three (3) potential dates for a slow release of restrictions under COVID-19, 1st June, 22nd June 15th July 2020.  I have used the term “potential” as these dates could change and are still dependant on the “curve” remaining low for COVID-19 and minimal positive cases in this State. 

Clubs needs to start planning for these “potential” re-open dates, in the hope that Victoria will slowly release our restrictions and allow basketball to return in some format.  The format in which this will be conducted will coincide with the Basketball in Victoria – Return to Sport Guidelines.

Stage 1: (Red-10 or Orange-20)

If the Victorian Government allows us to move to ten (10) or twenty (20) people indoors (per court) under social distancing rules, then this could mean that KBI is able to re-open its doors and allow junior domestic training to occur, as per Red-10 guidelines attached. 

Although Orange-20 allows for competition, at this stage KBI intends to proceed with Red-10 and training sessions only so there will be no competition under Red-10.

If we can re-open on a date announced by State Government soon, there will be strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines that KBI must follow, meaning there will be only one (1) x team training  (per court) with a maximum amount of ten (10) persons per court, including the coach. 

This will mean no parents or spectators are allowed unfortunately.  Our café’s will be open and serving takeaway coffee, drinks, and food for consumption outdoors, or as per the allowed indoor gathering numbers.  

Stage 2: (Orange-20 or Orange -50)

If the Victorian Government allows us to move to twenty (20) or fifty (50) person indoors (per court), then KBI will look to re-start our Junior domestic competition, continuing where we left off on 13th March 2020. 

Clubs need to start preparing for this date and be ready to take the court for five (5) on five (5) competition.  There are still many restrictions under Orange 20 including hygiene and social distancing rules, and no parents or spectators allowed.

Once we can move to Orange-50, this will enable one (1) x parent per player. 

Stage 3: (Orange-50 or Green-100)

If the Victorian Government allows us to move to fifty (50) or one hundred (100) persons per court, then KBI can allow more parents / spectators in as per the guidelines. 

Child Safety Officers:

As there will be no room to accommodate parents or guardians to come indoors and watch their children train or play under stages Red-10 or Orange-20, KBI will have suitably qualified Child Safety Officers (CSO) to supervise your children. 

  • The CSO will each manage one court section each at Boronia, State Basketball Centre and Fairhills.
  • Each CSO are only allowed to manage up to four (4) courts at any one time, so this enables us to have 2 x CSO’s in our main venues at once, and 1 x CSO at Fairhills.

Child Safety is of the highest priority here at Knox Basketball, so we will go above and beyond to make sure our players are safe in our venues.    

I cannot highlight this enough, that any re-open and Stages of Return to Sport are not guaranteed and are subject to change based on the advice we receive from both the Victorian Government and Basketball Victoria.