Knox Basketball are proud to announce that they have partnered with Knox based company KTS Recycling. KTS Recycling has been in operation since 2007, providing local communities with a resource for waste disposal.

Their mission is to divert as much waste away from landfill as possible, by providing innovative ways of recycling and recovering commercial and industrial waste.

“We are excited to be partnering with Knox Basketball for many reasons, the first being the proximity. We are right next door to the State Basketball Centre which for us is a great opportunity to let people know where we are located and what our transfer stations are all about,” said Matt Jeffs, Communication & QSE Manager of KTS Recycling.

“Unlike a traditional tip, a transfer station is where waste is brought to us for recovery and recycling, with the aim being to reuse as much waste as possible and reduce the amount of waste that is taken to landfills.”

Given the size of Knox Basketball, across multiple venues, partnering with a waste management organisation is integral moving forward.

“KTS Recycling are a first-class organisation that Knox Basketball are hopeful to foster a strong relationship with over a number of years,” said Julian Cosgrave, Knox Basketball Commercial Sales Manager.

“Their contribution will only help our organisation provide a strong service to the local area, while keeping costs as low as possible for families. Furthermore, diverting waste from landfill and introducing recycling options is a decision that benefits everyone.”

Beyond waste removal, KTS Recycling are eager to form a bond with another local community organisation.

“We take pride in servicing our local communities, whether that be an opportunity for resource recovery & recycling, or in the form of sponsorship of grass roots basketball programs, such as Knox Basketball,” continued Matt Jeffs.

“We are very excited to be assisting young athletes follow their passion of playing basketball, and with such a passionate base of players and supporters in the Knox area, we believe this is an amazing opportunity for us to assist.”