The Knox Raiders are helping in the fight against MND. On Saturday and Sunday the 15th and 16th of June, we ask for everyone who is part of Knox Basketball to get involved. All profits raised on this day will go towards Fight MND.


Nominate someone to do the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!

Raise money by pledging an amount and nominating your friend or coach to do the ice bucket challenge!

At Boronia on Saturday we will have an ice bucket challenge zone set up next to the barbecue. Nominate a coach on Facebook in the comments here, and bring along the money you (or your team) have pledged to get them to do the ice bucket challenge!



Buy your blue socks

Blue socks will be available for purchase for $12 at both Knox Basketball Stadium in Boronia and the State Basketball Centre. We would love to see everyone competing in domestic basketball to rep the blue and buy a pair of socks!


Barbecue and Raffle

On Saturday the 15th of June, there will be a barbecue running at Boronia stadium. At both Boronia and the State Basketball Centre there will be raffle tickets available with a range of prizes!