The below information has been taken from the Wudzy Facebook Page:

Since being diagnosed in September 2019 with a rare, highly aggressive and metastatic form of bladder cancer, NBL star and part of the Knox Basketball Family, Andrew Parkinson, has endured surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and an intensive form of immunotherapy called BCG. Plus, every 3 months he has had a cystoscopy and a number of scans and tests to monitor & assess any recurrence and progress of the cancer.

In April 2021, these same tests were done and sadly more cancer cells were found in the bladder. During the cystoscopy procedure used to detect if any cancer is present, the doctor removed these cancer cells. His doctors promptly ordered PET & CT scans to check if the cancer had spread. Thankfully scans showed that it had not, but the doctors were concerned that the cancer had returned so quickly and now needed to decide on the best course of action moving forward.

Throughout all this, Parky’s attitude of doing everything possible to be optimally healthy and give his body & immune system the best chance of fighting the cancer has been commendable. With his naturopath & nutritionist he has analysed his gut health, changed his diet and added supplementation and he has worked with an exercise physiologist to develop a training program to build his strength and fitness.

As a result, Parky is feeling the best he has in years. He regularly goes for long and challenging bike rides & walks, as well as playing 2-3 basketball games a week. Playing recently in the Masters Games in Cairns where his team the Hasbeens won the gold medal – he was feeling fitter & better than ever.

Meanwhile a team of doctors have been discussing Parky’s unique and remarkable situation and have concluded that they need to take advantage of this window of opportunity – and take some drastic action – before the cancer comes back in the bladder and has the chance to spread. Which they believe it will.

The doctors have told Parky that the best course of action is a proactive preventative measure – that removing his bladder & prostate will be the best thing for him long term. They have strongly encouraged Parky to take this option, insisting it’s practically a miracle that he even has this opportunity, this long after a diagnosis with this type of cancer.

So reluctantly, Parky has agreed to do as the doctors have advised him and will go into hospital this afternoon in preparation for major surgery on Monday. The recovery process will be a long, difficult and no doubt painful one and it will be at least a couple of months before he can exert himself and do things like walk upstairs or drive. But the hard work Parky has done to get himself to be so strong and healthy will certainly help his recovery.

The operation itself will be an expensive venture and the long recovery will again see Parky out of action for months, not being able to work or earn any income. The Parky Army has once again rallied and come together to help raise some much needed funds to help Parky and his family through the operation & recovery period.

This time our fundraising efforts will take the form of an online auction hosted by GalaBid. The auction will run for until Tuesday 15th of June. There is a distinct basketball theme to most of the auction items, but there are other items there as well.

You need to register for the auction to be able to bid and you can do that in 2 ways:

To Register via SMS
Text: wudzy followed by your full name
To: 0458 678 678 (for international bidders the number is +61 458 678 678)
Example: wudzy John Smith
Follow the registration link you are sent from GalaBid to log in and place bids.

To Register via browser
Click on the ‘Register’ button
Enter your details and click ‘Register’

You will then receive a text to your mobile phone with a verification link. Clicking the link will take you to the auction where you can log in with the password you entered during registration. You are now ready to bid.