Knox Raiders VJBL Girls Coaches

Knox Raiders VJBL Girls Coaches

22, October 2021

The Knox Raiders are excited to announce their girls coaches for the upcoming VJBL season. 

Knox Basketball Director of Basketball Operations can't wait to see this group get to work with their teams.

"Our girls coaches are a group of dedicated teachers," said Ingham.

"The players this season are going to benefit greatly from the skill and knowledge of the group."

Under 12

  • Brad Farrell (12.1 Head Coach)
  • Lauren Robinson (12.1 Assistant Coach)
  • Drey Baldwin
  • Ash Hammond

Under 14

  • Charlie Fyffe (14.1 Head Coach)
  • George Demos (14.1 Assistant Coach)
  • Abbey-Lee Wood
  • Emily Roche
  • Phil Jury

Under 16

  • John Wood (16.1 Head Coach)
  • Nikki Cross (16.1 Assistant Coach)
  • John Hauer
  • Daniel Gianchino
  • James Tucci

Under 18

  • Hannah Mohan (18.1 Head Coach)
  • Emma Santomaggio
  • Kim Halsall

Under 20

  • Mark Van Holsteyn

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